Here are some of our amazing customers

Melissa B.


"I personally love Blissful Organix. The products are very light without making your face feel caked up. Everything is so light making you look naturally glowy. The lipstick colors are beautiful and leave your lips feeling moisturized. I highly recommend Blissful Organix products!"

Alice D.


  “I’ve been on a quest to find a great, easy to apply, natural makeup brand. When I read the ingredients listed in the Blissful Organix makeup, I knew I had to try it.  The products exceeded my expectations! Everything went on very smoothly, flattered my skin tone, and felt refreshing to my face. Since our skin is the largest organ of our body, it’s great to have the peace of mind that that I’m using makeup that isn’t toxic AND looks fabulous. I’ll definitely continue to buy my makeup from Blissful Organix.”   

Naomi K.


"As an oncology nurse, I know how harmful and toxic certain ingredients are for the body.   Many people forget that the skin absorbs the products used and it ends up in the bloodstream . That is why I choose to use Blissful Organix because all the products are organic and natural. I have a sensitive skin; get redness and irritation easily, but thanks to Blissful Organix I don’t need to worry about that anymore! I know their products are safe and healthy and I can easily understand the ingredients used to make it! I even share the lip gloss I got from Blissful Organix with my 8 year old daughter and I feel totally at ease having her use it because I know it’s safe." 

Nico B.


 "I love the Blissful Organix products.Beauty and healthy hand in hand! They feel great on your skin,no chemicals ! Using these great products makes you realize that to be beautiful you need to be healthy first! I really recommend Blissful Organix!"

Alexandra H.

I love the fact that you opened 
my eyes and planted a seed. 
I never thought of changing my 

"I love the fact that you opened  my eyes and planted a seed.  I never thought of changing my  usual makeup before you launched Blissful Organix.  I love the fact that I feel like a winner at life now  every morning when I put my makeup on!"

Liana N.


 "I don’t wear a lot of makeup but since I discovered Blissfull Organix I just fell in love with the products and I’m looking for every chance now to use them! The fact that they are all natural and organic is a big plus and they feel so nice and creamy without the heaviness feel of other makeup brands! I have almost every product and truly recommend every single one of them!"

Laura M.


  "I was very excited when I heard that my friend Diana that I've known for about 10 years now,.. is opening a  natural/organic make-up line, Blissful Organix. I  specially love everything that is natural.  I‘ve been looking  for something like this for a while that would not harm my body, and it would make me look beautiful and young again. I bought several items from Blissful Organix:   a mascara, blush, foundation and a lipstick. I am very happy with my new products and I use them every time I go out with better confidence than before cause I know they are 100% made of natural ingredients, also they are very good quality and smell divine. It fits my skin perfectly!" 

Jen T.


"I have really been enjoying my blissful organix products! They smell so good and go on even better than my conventional products. It gives me confidence to wear knowing its organic and better for my body. For the past several years I’ve been trying to eliminate toxins from my home and make up has been the most difficult. Not anymore! She comes out with new exciting products all the time so I’m excited to see what’s in store!"

Jasmine S.


"I absolutely love my blissful organix products!!! The foundation is so light and natural looking, I love it! Also can't go without the dip brow and the cheek tint-'pink champagne frost'... They are all my favorite!"